2021 wаs welcomed by all in the hope that it will bring new and fresh орроrtunities and solutions to some existing problems.  Covid-19 is trending down travel and business openings are trending up, but cash management and cash needs remain a priority for most people.

Increase Your Savings Account

A Life Settlements transaction can increase your savings account.  Even as the business sector continues to open up, thousands of jobs have been lost and savings have been reduced to pay current expenses.

What happens when you need additional cash?  If you are a caretaker of your parents, what happens when your Mother or Father need additional cash?

Life Settlement – selling a life insurance policy to a third party for cash – may be one solution to review.

Reduce Your Debt

2020 put the economy in a downward spiral with lost jobs and reduced incomes.  In 2021 many senior families are faced with increasing debt.   

What are the options to reduce debt?  Generate income or sell assets to pay off debts.  Many seniors do not have the option to generate income from a job.  Selling a life insurance policy that is no longer needed or has gotten too expensive to maintain in one option.  Your life policy is your asset to sell if needed.

Сlоsing a Business or Reducing Corporate Debt

An overlooked benefit of a life settlements is the ability to sell a corporate asset to generate cash.  Many corporate-owned key man insurance programs are built on level premium term insurance.  Once the level premiums have run their course the next policy year is very expensive to maintain.

If the policy is not needed for senior executives or too expensive to maintain, the corporate policy owner has the option to sell the policy in the open market.


Life Settlements remains a viable option for senior individuals and corporate-owned policies.  The sale of the life policy asset is not affected by market rates and requires little or no investment from the policy owner.

The secondary market operates on different platforms so as a Seller, it is important to enlist a Life Settlements Broker that has clarity of the market and knowledge of which process will give the seller the highest purchase price.

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